Letters to the Editor

The election wasn’t a smashing victory like some think

Jim Bonnevier claims in a recent letter that Donald Trump won 3,084 of the 3,181 counties in the United States, while Hillary Clinton won only a smattering of 57. That seemed odd to me, considering that Clinton won the popular vote by close to 3 million. How could it be that she won less than 1 percent of the counties in the country?

Sure enough, the claim turns out to be a gross exaggeration. Instead of 57, the correct figure should be 487. The full breakdown is found at www.snopes.com.

In addition, the claim that Clinton won only five counties in New York, which “more than account for her winning the popular vote of the entire country,” is equally false. Clinton won 16 of those counties and a majority of some 1.5 million, only about half of her winning margin.

Finally, Trump won through a combination of victories in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Though I am disappointed in the election, it is by no means a mandate. Don’t make it sound like a smashing victory.

Joe McDonnell, Belleville