Letters to the Editor

What does Stein think she’ll get from a recount?

Could be my hearing is going? Was that Jill Stein or Shill Stein? And for whom is this character the shill?

She wants to challenge Pennsylvania courts in The Supreme Court. I’m not an attorney or a judge, but there’s the basic question: what standing does she have in an issue before the “Supremes.” She got maybe 1 percent of the vote nationally. Does she think there are 51 percent more votes out there for her? Count the votes seven times or seven times seven, it ain’t gonna change her vote total. But it might get her a footnote in history books.

This person so concerned about the integrity of the ballots has concentrated only on elections in states that went red. Imagine what she overlooks since she does not challenge election integrity in states with Democratic pluralities, say, Illinois, Maryland or California. Her one-sided choices do indeed suggest she operates for a shadow figure. And who is more shadowy than candidate Clinton!

Richard Wagner, Highland