Letters to the Editor

A democratic government will always eventually fail

In regard to the idea that we must abolish the Electoral College, here’s some clarification. Contrary to popular belief, we do not live in a democracy.

In a democracy, the majority rule. We have a representative form of government, in which we do not directly elect our president, rather, we vote for “electors” that will represent us equally in the voting process. A democratic form of government will always eventually fail. It will become a popularity contest where the popular group, whether they are educated about the nation’s issues or not, will elect someone to represent all of us. It would be like two cats and a mouse deciding what’s for dinner ... the cats would always win.

Under a majority vote system, California and New York, because of their populations and Democrat-leaning tendencies, would always decide the elections. Candidates would not even bother to campaign in any of the other states. This is how Illinois works ... Chicago, because of its population and the Democrats there, carries the state. Do we really want that situation for our entire country? Trust our Founding Fathers. They were brilliant in ensuring that no single party would be able to control our government forever.

Connie Myers, Fairview Heights