Letters to the Editor

Proud of the Ogles neighborhood

Another coward behind a keyboard decided to throw mud in Monday’s anonymous “Sound Off.” Nothing new there, and not much of a reason to pay attention except some of the mud landed on our neighborhood, and we call the coward onto the carpet.

“The homes in Ogles and that area are a mess.”

We take offense to that blanket indictment of our vibrant and lovely neighborhood, which includes more than 1,500 homes. Do some of our homes and properties need sprucing up? Undoubtedly, but who are you to bash us, one and all?

The Ogles Watch Neighborhood Association has more than 100 members who meet quarterly to discuss ways to improve our community. Public officials and law enforcement officials — including Mayor Eckert — have participated in these meetings to support our efforts. More than 850 people have joined our Facebook group to communicate concerns and recommendations, and to lend assistance in keeping our neighborhood great.

Shame on you for attempting to tar us all with your disdain. We are proud to be part of a diverse community committed to supporting each other!

Cynthia Bingham, Ogles Watch Neighborhood Association Chair