Letters to the Editor

Press secretaries are just talking heads for their bosses

There was recently an audio snippet of White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on St. Louis Public Radio saying, “I think it’s hard to determine exactly what the aim was of the president-elect.”

“Some of the progress that we have made in our relationship with China could be undermined by this issue flaring up,” he added.

Press secretaries aren’t really paid to think. They’re just talking heads for their bosses and merely reshape his thoughts for regurgitation to the mainstream media. We know what President Obama thinks of the president-elect and Earnest is just his parrot.

It won’t be long that what Earnest says will be irrelevant. With each passing day he’s more and more speaking just for his boss as opposed to the American people. Nobody wants to hear from a lame duck press secretary.

The infamous Taiwan phone call may not come to much, but Earnest is busy cautioning anyone who will listen with “the sky is falling” rhetoric. It’s all about perspective. When President Obama unilaterally decided to dramatically change our relationship with Cuba after over 65 years of isolationist tactics, Earnest thought that was grand. Others were not so sure.

Earnest needs to start focusing on getting packing materials together for his White House exit and stop with the constant second-guessing of the president-elect.

Like with every past administration change-out, there’s going to be “a morning after,” whether Earnest and his boss like it or not.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon