Letters to the Editor

Time would be better spent moving Hofbräuhaus forward

It’s becoming evident that the political process of casting threats and complaints to cover one’s behind has now become the norm for the developer of the Hofbräuhaus project. Anyone with experience in the construction and development industry knows the delays in completing this project are probably related to one of the following: improper planning, organization, scheduling, performance, oversight, or lack of funding. With this project it’s more than likely all the above.

Instead of providing the public with some form of measurable performance and a believable completion date, the Kellers’ attorney is threatening to sue Belleville City Clerk Dallas Cook for defamatory comments. Any defamatory comments directed towards the Hofbräuhaus project can be traced back to the Kellers’ obvious failure to adequately perform.

Instead of threatening people for their credible observations of a bamboozling operation, the Kellers’ time might be better spent in moving the project forward in a more positive fashion towards a believable completion date. Should the Kellers persist in moving forward with their lawsuit against Mr. Cook, I would relish the idea of them including me with Mr. Cook. The thought of being able to forward the Kellers my request for discovery and production would make my day.

Larry Price, Belleville