Letters to the Editor

Immigrants pay more taxes than Trump

During the recent campaign, our president-elect claimed that his opponent lied all the time and that she was crooked and corrupt. Several independent fact checking organizations including Politifact showed that Donald Trump lied at roughly the same rate Clinton told the truth, approximately 70 percent.

Since the election Trump settled a major fraud lawsuit into his sham University for $25 million, about $100 million or more less than the total amount he cheated people out of.

Trump’s post-truth America is in full display on the pages of BND’s Opinion page.

Last week a writer claimed that illegal immigrants pay no taxes. Actually according to a Pew Research study in 2010, illegals contributed about $11.5 billion in taxes including payroll, Social Security, and property and sales taxes. Since Trump brags he’s smart because he pays no taxes, illegal immigrants contribute more in taxes than he does.

It’s OK for American taxpayers to pick up the $1 million a day tab for protecting Trump in New York City, despite the fact he contributes zero.

And finally the other day a writer cited alleged statistics about his huge victory. They stated Trump won 3,048 of 3,141 counties in the U.S. Actually, he won 2,626 counties to Clinton’s 487. She leads by more than 2 million in the popular vote. Not a big-time win by Trump, more of a big-time lie.

Kris Rhines, O’Fallon