Letters to the Editor

Some pathetic letters

Three letters appeared that were pathetic and insipid, on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, no less.

Kevin Gagen produced a litany of pathetic accomplishments that were inherently false or wrong. The worst of all is keeping us in a recession for eight long years, the worst time since the Great Depression. He had his department heads publish false employment figures, printed money that devalued the dollar giving a false picture of the stock market. The worst was treatment of the African American communities. His policies impoverished more people, probably worse than during the Great Depression or before. The Fascists couldn’t have been worse under Obama.

Frankie Seaberry’s lack of understanding of why we have the Electoral College also couldn’t be more pathetic. The Electoral College was put in place so we could have a UNITED States, to rule out the tyranny of the most populated states. If we could have shoved California (the western third, at least) into the Pacific Ocean, Donald Trump won the popular vote. Do we want California ruling our nation? I don’t think so!

The last pathetic is Lee Pitzer. Well, the smart but “uneducated” people saw through the “false news” spun out by all of the major networks and a great number of the major newspapers. They came out in droves to beat back this insipid bunch of knuckleheads.

I am not a big fan of Trump’s behavior (bombast and dirty mouth), but I prefer him over a congenital liar and crook (the Clinton Foundation is a criminal, money-laundering enterprise).

H. Ray Sigler, Highland