Letters to the Editor

Liberal contributors have no capability of embarrassment

The originally submitted title of this letter to the editor, purposely intended to highlight a frequently and habitually used approach to disguise a dictionary definition of a word to suit a totally opposite definition than Webster’s! The mere inclusion of the words “liberal” and “intellect” together suggest a totally different standard than normal intent would indicate as having a relationship!

The opinion printed on Dec. 7 included at least three frequent liberally inclined contributors, apparently having no intellectual awareness capable of embarrassment at such inappropriate use of words to infer opposite definition when describing attributes of Donald Trump, Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton!

The word “Fascism,” by any knowledgeably equipped individual, would normally refer to a person with absolute dictatorial intent of purpose characteristic of Adolf Hitler – characteristics far more clearly exemplified by Obama and Clinton than Trump!

Another used the word “narcissistic” in an effort to attribute such negative behavior to Trump which both Obama and Clinton have more clearly exemplified as habitual characteristics!

Those who think of such radical dishonesty as appropriate have truly caused our nation terrible divisive stress, which the liberals are extremely disappointed to have occurred when awakening to the finally appearing public opposition in the recent election!

God bless America!

Jim Andrews, Freeburg