Letters to the Editor

How to ensure defeat

As of Dec. 5, two candidates have announced their bids for public office next April while on the Bob Romanik show. Dallas Cook wants to be mayor of Belleville. Ricky Casey Jr. announced his run for trustee in the Village of Caseyville.

Did I miss something? In the 2016 primary and general election, every candidate endorsed by Romanik was soundly defeated. Next April, I don’t see that changing.

I am delighted to see that Romanik is also endorsing Leonard Black for mayor in the Village of Caseyville and Bruce Canty for Caseyville Township Supervisor. I cannot think of a better way to ensure their defeat.

While I don’t see anyone, in Caseyville, village or township, sending many Christmas cards to Romanik & Co. this year, I do think a nice Christmas card from Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert to Romanik is in order. Afterall, it’s Romanik’s endorsement that will insure Mayor Eckert’s re-election next April.

If I were seeking public office, I would do everything possible to draw the ire of the Grim Reaper of Radio. Nothing will do more to insure their victory on Election Day. Unless of course, your opponent lives in his parents’ basement and was terminated from his last job for sexually harassing an employee.

Brad VanHoose, Belleville