Letters to the Editor

Why don’t you find a church whose rules you agree with?

I have been out of town but would like to answer Annie Harter’s latest rant. She seems to be upset that Pope Francis agrees with previous popes that women cannot be ordained as priests.

Annie, I don’t know where you got your degree in science, but your spiel has nothing to do with the priesthood. You see, the priest is acting “in persona Christi” in the person of Christ. So it stands to reason that it must be a man.

As for your position that the priesthood is highly overrated, I want to say that it cannot be rated highly enough. A priest goes through years of training, during which he has to prove himself worthy. Then during ordination he is consecrated to God.

He has the ability to bring Christ right down on the altar into the host, which is given to us in Communion!

How awesome is that!

You claim to be a Catholic, and you say that Catholics aren’t waiting for permission? I take that to mean that they are doing something contrary to church teachings. If so, how can you/they call yourselves Catholic?

To belong to any organization you have to follow the rules whether it is a religion, Boy Scouts, etc.

If you don’t like the rules of the Catholic Church, why don’t you/they join one whose rules you agree with?

Henrietta Harris, Belleville