Letters to the Editor

Why did so many Democrats vote for Trump?

Writer Lee Pitzer seems to think this country is divided into two camps: the “little people” and their “betters.” “Betters” being some nebulous “Elites.”

Maybe Mr. Pitzer could provide some examples of each so that ignorant people like me can know what he is talking about. The real problem is that liberals, like Pitzer, got their butts kicked in the last election and are now trying to explain what happened.

Barrack Obama said it best when he remarked that he was not on the ballot, but his policies were. The election results were a repudiation of Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s administration. As far as Obama deporting a lot of illegal aliens, that’s because there were a lot more entering and most of them are still here. That’s why many Border Patrol agents supported Trump.

Now let’s address Pitzer’s claim that the unemployment is 5 percent. As usual, Pitzer is as confused as the kid who dripped his bubble gum in the chicken house. The 5 percent does not include the people who stopped looking for work because there were no jobs available and are still unemployed. The real unemployment figure is close to 11 percent.

Did you notice that Pitzer never addresses Obama’s foreign policy disasters? Perhaps with his outstanding perception of what is going on in the world, he could explain it to us “little people.” If Democrats have done so much for the middle class as Pitzer implies, why did so many of them vote for Trump?

Leon Anderson, Collinsville