Letters to the Editor

The ultimate connoisseurs of hypocrisy

Remarkable how some post-election letter writers seemingly unplugged their brains before putting pen to paper.

Start with the “smart states vote Democratic” malarkey. Did that writer ask why, after decades, broken down, destitute, crime-ridden communities continually vote Democratic?

Or Lee Pitzer, questioning middle-class support for Trump. Did he ask why many supported Obama in 2008? No. The answer to both questions: a better America, and jobs. Change then, change now.

In 2016 the middle-class is still struggling. And for Pitzer to select rosy government statistics like a Soviet apparatchik doesn’t make them feel any better. Beyond the official unemployment and job creation numbers, the labor participation rate is still at its lowest since 1978, wages are down, and median income is down. And a booming stock market means little to those under and unemployed.

Republicans, the party of the wealthy? Did Pitzer conveniently forget the Clintons’ multimillion-dollar fortune? Or her obscenely affluent Silicon Valley pals? Or George Soros? Or liberal columnist Maureen Dowd’s post-election criticism of Clinton for spending far too much time raising money among her Wall Street and Hollywood elitist friends than campaigning among ordinary folks? Or perhaps, most egregious, under the monetary policies of President Obama’s administration the wealth gap has grown wider. Yes, eight years later the Fat Cats are wealthier. And more of Pitzer’s “little people” are poorer.

Just a few absurdities from self-deceiving pundits who repeatedly demonstrate, if nothing else, they are the ultimate connoisseurs of hypocrisy.

Mars Eghigian, Belleville