Letters to the Editor

Maybe with Trump, America will finally get change

Obama has been bragging about his economic achievements again, so lets look at Obama’s legacy. In spite of doubling our nation’s debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion, Obama will leave office with a record poverty rate. Obama’s $800,000 billion, not-so-shovel-ready-projects stimulus program, helped his buddies become millionaires, but left the taxpayers with empty factories. Obama’s other spectacular achievements will be leaving office with a record number of people on welfare, a record 43 million people on food stamps, and record 10 million of people on disability. Why work, when you can live on the Obama Democratic Welfare Plantation?

Even though the recession was officially over in June 2009, Obummer has presided over the slowest period of economic growth by any president. Obama has created more part-time, low-wage jobs than any president, while losing a record number of good paying full-time jobs. Employers cut full-time jobs and added part-time jobs to avoid Obummercare’s strangling regulations. Under Obummer’s watch, more businesses continue to close than new small business startups.

Unfortunately, once the millennial “Obama Debtor Generation,” pay off their ridiculously high government student loans, they will have to start paying for the eight years of Obamanomic failures. Sadly, the Millennials and GenX’s will be paying for Obozo’s record mistakes for decades to come. Maybe with Trump, America will finally get the hope and change the delusional narcissistic community organizer promised us eight years ago?

Pete Hill, O’Fallon