Letters to the Editor

We’ll suffer the same fate as East St. Louis

Another friend of mine just had his home burglarized last week here on the west end of Belleville. I recently documented in a letter to the editor the crimes with which I have encountered since moving to the west end 18 months ago. We have a problem here in Belleville and we had better start addressing these issues as a community.

Here are some tips, Belleville politicians: No kid (under the age of fifteen) should be on the streets of Belleville after 10 p.m. Every parent of a child caught on the streets after this curfew should face stiff fines and jail time. Increased police patrols and officers are needed. City leaders should provide youth programs and facilities to keep kids busy and out of trouble. A “Youth Board” should be formed; a partnership between churches, schools, police, local politicians and community leaders should work together in solving Belleville’s growing youth crime problem.

If our apathy towards this situation continues our community will surely suffer the same fate as East St. Louis.

Eric Reeve, Belleville