Letters to the Editor

Let’s see how Trump handles things

Each day as I open my BND I hope it will be void of letters rehashing the election results. Hillary lost and I say again, get over it. It appears that many of the hostile letters are only for the purpose, of some time in the future, being able to say I told you so if the Trump agenda fails. Both sides have made their points. Now is time to stop the complaining and see how the Trump Administration comports itself.

We’re all Americans and we should all be hoping that this time the change we see is better then the change we saw the last eight years. I think the country is tired of the political correctness and questioning who is using what bathroom. There are many more important issues facing this country, so let’s all see how President-elect Trump handles them. I will be the first to accept an “I told you so” from a Hillary voter if and when it is warranted.

Constantine N. Evgenides, O’Fallon