Letters to the Editor

I fail to understand how educated, women voted Trump

Trump cornered the working class who were fearful of the dwindling job market due to technology, outsourcing and, in their minds, immigrants and trade laws. One of his cabinet nominees, Andrew Puzder, for Secretary of Labor, is against minimum wage, overtime and job safety. Loves robots.

Other nominees are associated with Goldman Sachs, which he disavowed many times in his speeches: Gary D. Cohn, National Economics Council; Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of Treasury; and Steve Bannon, Chief Strategist, who worked for Goldman Sachs and then owned a fake new site that was blatantly white supremacist and anti-Jew.

Another nominee for National Security Adviser, General Flynn, endorsed fake news by tweeting that one must read about Hillary’s child sex crimes housed in the basement of a popular pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C. One has to question his judgment and sanity. His son was fired from the transitional team for echoing his father’s tweets. What about the Secretary of Education nominee? Betsy DeVos is a millionaire who was home schooled and endorses charter schools over public education. Teachers can expect lower wages and fewer bargaining rights, among other things.

I accept that the working class, the very wealthy, the Christian fundamentalists, and the white supremacists were in Trump’s corner, but I fail to understand how the educated, comfortable middle class, especially women, whom he demeaned, voted for him. I fear among many things that the restrictions Obama put on Wall Street and big banks are in jeopardy with Trump’s Goldman Sachs advisers.

Judy Neel, Belleville