Letters to the Editor

Letter is riddled with falsehoods, inaccuracies

Robert Colston’s letter of Dec. 10 was directed at me, but it is riddled with falsehoods and inaccuracies. He blames the government (i.e., Democrats) for substantially reducing his gross pay because of deductions, but does he assume Republicans do not require payroll deductions? After filing, 45 percent of Americans end up not paying any income tax.

Colston then grudgingly admits Social Security was a Democrat-originated program (over fierce Republican opposition), but he goes on to fault Lyndon Johnson for using the funds to pay general expenses. That is true, but no Republican president since has tried to return the program to its original form, and no one has missed a check because of the change. He then incorrectly attempts to blame the government for rising medical insurance costs because of Medicaid.

Colston then asks, “What did you do?” My answer is that I was on active duty with the Air Force for 26 years and then worked as a financial consultant for 15 years. He continues his ramblings by charging Hillary with being a liar and a thief. I will grant the lying charge, but the thief accusation is unproven. Trump lied 100 times just during the campaign.

Colston concludes with a Benghazi reference to Hillary’s “what difference does it make,” which is taken out of context and has a very different meaning when in context. His final error is when he has “three troops” killed with the ambassador.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon