Letters to the Editor

Corruption charges against 8 is just the tip of the iceberg in this county

Just the tip of the iceberg

Eight public officials face charges of corruption. That’s a laugh! That’s just the tip of the iceberg in this county. Of course the way the Democrat justice system works in St. Clair County, they’ll all just get a slap on the wrist and go back to what they were doing before.

We shouldn’t be supporting the Japanese economy

Today is 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. We should support America and honor its history by not supporting the Japanese economy. The Mitsubishi company built the bomb that was used in the attack. Think it over and don’t forgive too quickly. The Japanese are taking over our economy just as they wanted to do back then and it’s despicable.

Trump doesn’t need the liberal press anymore

The liberal press is at again on Donald Trump with what he said about the cost of two new 747 jets for the Air Force One fleet. However, no news media has reported that Barack Obama did the same thing for the same reasons when the Marine One fleet was going to be replaced with newer ones under his administration. The cost was going to be double what the company reported, and Obama stopped that contract, but of course, that’s not being reported. Donald Trump is putting the liberal press where they belong. Their biggest complaint is that now Trump can use technology to send out his messages and he doesn’t need the liberal press anymore.

Hofbrauhaus will be a beacon for west Belleville

I feel that the Hofbrauhaus will be a great beacon for the west end of Belleville. The jobs that are going to be coming to our area and the developments are going to improve the city. I’m so thankful that we continue to expand development within our community.

Teacher did no wrong tapping student’s tongue

After reading the article about the teacher who tapped the tongue of the student and thinking long and hard about it, I think the teacher is being crucified for doing something that was meant to correct the child. Perhaps the parents owe the teacher an apology for their child not having enough manners and respect for the teacher to not stick his tongue out at her. Perhaps the school board needs to take up for the teacher as well and send a letter to the parents for them to teach their child respect. In my opinion, she did no wrong and the parents are making a big issue. They were alright with his poor behavior but became upset when he was disciplined. The child may have trouble communicating or has behavioral issues, but the teacher tried to help the child but she can do all the work herself. Let’s respect our teachers.

Fix the problems that need immediate attention

Spending $120,000 to replace the roof at the Meredith Home will not fix the issue of the asbestos in the building. It is foolish to think that bringing in business to a building that has asbestos is going to bring in revenue. Fix the problems that need immediate attention. Stop money that the city doesn’t have on things that don’t benefit the residents. Spend the money on keeping the businesses in downtown Belleville and not on a roof for a building that has asbestos.

“Operation Watch Tower” should have been “Operation Rat Trap”

Congratulations to Brendan Kelly and all his colleagues that participated in “Operation Watch Tower” and got some of the rats out of East St. Louis. Maybe the process should have been named “Operation Rat Trap.” My only question is, who is going to follow up and make sure more rats don’t start building their nests in East St. Louis and stealing from the poor people of this community?

A slap on the wrist is ultimate insult to injury

It’s apparent that Circuit Judge Jan Fiss and State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly are just going to slap the wrists of the individuals who were indicted on felony charges. He’s not doing his job and should be ashamed of himself and Judge Fiss should be thrown off the court bench or be allowed to practice law. You and Mr. Kelly are not abiding by the Illinois Constitution and not reprimanding these people to the fullest extent of the law. Giving them a slap on the wrist, then probation and to the ultimate insult to injury, most of these voter fraud felons end up getting government jobs. That’s a proven fact in St. Clair County. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves, but who should be ashamed of themselves the most, the voters. The voters were ignorant enough to vote the same unqualified people back into office. It just goes to show one of two things are happening. Either St. Clair County voters are not very bright or St. Clair County is a bought county.

East St. Louis election board needs to be eliminated

It is very apparent that after this last election that there is a large amount of voter fraud going on. The Democrats were losing and the Republicans were winning. At the last moment, East St. Louis brings their votes in and the majority of the Democrats win as always. The East St. Louis election board needs to be eliminated because my tax money shouldn’t pay for two boards in St. Clair County. We all know that is a shield for voter fraud. It’s a shame that someone will sell their vote for $10, a bottle of booze or the promise of job. Voter fraud felons get a job in the city, county or township because of their buddies who run them. When are people going to wake up and see the forest through the trees.

Bravo to Dallas Cook

Bravo to Dallas Cook for having the audacity to question a project that is being paid for with public money. The silence on the project has been rationalized because it is “sophisticated”. What a load of crap! Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and for this project, I feel there is an inferno burning. Keep up the good work.

Consider having someone watch your house

My son lives on the west end of Belleville and last week his home was broken into while he attended a funeral. My son’s wife is battling bone cancer and they while they went to pay their respects to their deceased neighbor, someone broke into their home and stole his grandfather’s Masonic ring, his Shriner’s ring, all of his wife’s good jewelry and other items. As a warning to other people, if you have to attend a funeral, consider having someone at your house until you return.

Why can’t Millstadt can’t get a fast food restaurant?

I’m just curious as to why Millstadt can’t get a fast food restaurant. Jason Amarosa is opening up a Burger King in Belleville Crossing but not here. I don’t understand why. Millstadt is a town thriving for a fast food restaurant. We were promised a McDonald’s but that deal fell through and we can’t seem to get one fast food restaurant in this town. I’m not a business woman, but my parents had a business in this town for 37 years and made enough money to support our family. The town is open to new developments and would accept them with open arms. Why would Burger King want to go where there is already a White Castle, Buffalo Wild Wings, Wendy’s and now a Bread Co. There’s no competition here and a fast food restaurant would thrive and make a killing.