Letters to the Editor

Only time will tell

In his Dec. 9 letter, Ron Davinroy was kind enough to bestow upon me the distinguished title of “the minutia master, picking the political fly specs out of the pepper.” I am not quite certain if any remuneration goes with the title, but if not, it is worthy of and by itself. Davinroy blathers on about the failure of Obama’s “socialist policies” and that the campaign to sell the “status quo to the voters failed.”

Davinroy does not acknowledge that the election was determined by a total of 80,000 rural, “low information” voters in Michigan and Pennsylvania. This 80,000 was out of more than 131 million votes cast. Davinroy also chooses to ignore the fact that Hillary actually received 2.5 million more votes then the Trumpster.

Davinroy’s letter continued to spew wild conjecture and hyperbole. He then accuses the peaceful post election protest marchers with being destructive. I do not believe they were. Only time will tell if we have made a terrible selection to be our next commander in chief and that we will have to muddle through as best we can for the next four years, or wonder of wonders, we are surprised by the positive, but I am not overly hopeful.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon