Letters to the Editor

Can’t we at least beat Kentucky at something?

Wonder why Illinois is broke? For four years I’ve been driving through Louisville on I-64 to Virginia as some of our family to West Virginia. In that time frame their highway department built a new “East End River Crossing” cable stay bridge about a mile long over the Ohio River. It’s a beautiful bridge, six lanes, Louisville to Jeffersonville, Ind. In addition, they built a small tunnel, six flyover ramps, plus dedicated channeling lanes to transition traffic to I-71, I-64, I-65, Kentucky Route 481 and into downtown.

I drove through Louisville last week; it’s pretty much completed. Meanwhile, here in St Clair County, the project on IL Routes 13/15 east of Belleville is not finished. Nope, nowhere near done. In fact, I think we should hang Christmas lights on the crane as an annual tradition since it’s apparently never going away. Shame on this contractor, the so called engineers and the Illinois Department of Transportation. I suggest they drive to Louisville and marvel at the work they did in less time. Can’t we at least beat Kentucky at something?

Phil Henning, Smithton