Letters to the Editor

Voters vote based on fear, greed in democracies

Frankie Seaberry in her Dec. 7 letter makes the same mistake as many. Our country is NOT a democracy as she suggests; rather, it is a republic. Countries such as Cuba and Venezuela are democracies, and voters vote based on fear and greed, rather than the good of the country. Electors are selected by each state from each party’s convention or central committee based on the number of U.S. Representatives and Senators for a total of 538. The winning Party is determined by popular vote.

In Illinois 11 counties voted Democrat and 91 voted Republican, but the Democrats got the Electors because they won the popular vote. Nationally, there are 3,100+/- counties and Trump won 2,600 of them while Clinton won only 500. Nevertheless, if popular vote were the criteria, the residents of those 2,600 counties would be totally disenfranchised since Clinton won the popular vote. Without the Electoral College the 100 most populous counties (just 3 percent of total U.S. counties) would determine every election, thereby disenfranchising the votes of the remaining 3,000 county residents. Rural voters would be totally disenfranchised.

Our Republic is designed so that every state has proportionate representation in the Legislature with each state, regardless of population, having two Senators. Our election process is totally fair and equitable. President Obama won one of his elections by winning only 629 counties. Remember, the popular vote plays a major role in the selection of Electors.

Richard Davis, Belleville