Letters to the Editor

“Oh, the humanity!”

I found the Dec. 5, BND story “Ameren Illinois keeps natural gas prices low for winter” very fascinating. The story stoked the fires of my imagination, heating up my fears of possible consequences.

The generous public service of buying gas cheap and selling it at cost warmed my heart. The image of storing natural gas in a sandstone cavity 800 feet below Tilden, Ill., sparked my fantasies. The underground cavity is a mile long and a half mile wide, holding 850 million cubic feet of natural gas.

What would it be like for the residents of Tilden if 850 million cubic feet of gas accidentally ignited under their feet? Tilden is 31 miles from Belleville. I wonder about property values in the Tilden area, maybe all of southwestern Illinois.

To coin a phrase: “Oh, the humanity!”

David J. Busse, Maryville