Letters to the Editor

Check your facts first

This is in response to Roger Wigginton’s letter in the Dec. 8 edition.

The Rasp Farm TIF has paid out $3.4 million. For that, the city received a retention facility that solved drainage for adjacent neighborhoods. The parcels are now development ready.

The $2.5 million for the fire station and park maintenance property was for facilities needed on the west side. Had we waited, the property would certainly have cost more.

The $200,000 for City Hall’s air conditioners involved prequalified suppliers on a nationwide basis. Local contractors have the opportunity to qualify as part of these consolidated supplier arrangements. The cost was less because the cost to develop the contracting documents was already done as part of the prequalification process.

The increase in the Hotel/Motel tax is the central funding feature in “Destination O’Fallon,” our attempt to create an attraction that will benefit our entire area without affecting local property taxes.

Perhaps Mr. Wigginton (who has never, to my knowledge, attended a city meeting) should check his facts rather than echoing issues that have been publicly addressed during the approval process by O’Fallon’s city government.

I am not sure what Pete Hill’s issues are with Wigginton’s “backyard,” but for Mr. Wigginton “to continue to dig up dirt in your backyard” is a silly threat. The information “exposed” in Wigginton’s letter has been discussed by over and over by Herb Roach at city meetings without offering any alternatives.

Who, Mr. Wigginton, is bashing Belleville? Certainly it’s not Phil Goodwin.

Jerry Albrecht, O’Fallon Ward 2 Alderman