Letters to the Editor

Founding Fathers had it right in the first place

On Nov. 7, the Electoral College was just fine and dandy with liberal folks. On Nov. 9, those same liberals wanted the Electoral College abolished. The Founding Fathers had it right in the first place, and a very dishonest and corrupt candidate lost the election. I’m quite sure that we have not seen the last of old Hillary but we can hope. But it’s time for all the liberals in the U.S. to dry their crying towels, drink their hot chocolate, and let Trump correct all the blunders that Obama has created. Things are already looking up and Trump isn’t even in office yet.

There is a lot of liberal criticism of Trump’s picks for his cabinet. He is picking the CEOs of major and highly successful corporations who know how to make economies grow while creating jobs, people well-versed in foreign affairs, and military people who know the ropes of defense. If a liberal person required a very serious medical procedure, would he select an experienced surgeon or a person who had a couple years of high school biology? It makes one wonder.

As a point of interest, there are many tyrants out there who paid big money for favors from the Hillary Clinton administration, and those favors will now be unrealized. If I were one of those world leaders, I would be quite upset with her and the Clinton Foundation. If I were Hillary, I’d start watching my back.

Jim Bonnevier, Belleville