Letters to the Editor

The so-called ‘little people’ have spoken

Mr. Pitzer, I think you’re right about why Trump won. By your own words, people have low-paying jobs right now and want better ones, but you don’t want manufacturing to come back to America because a $5 Chinese hammer will then cost $10 for an American-made hammer. So you want people to stay in their low-paying jobs so your prices don’t go up.

You say people don’t have a sophisticated knowledge of how government works. People who work for a living don’t want or expect to get rich, they just want a decent home, decent food, nice clothing and decent education for their children, and a car that’s not held together with a wire coat hanger. You and your elitist folks want to keep them down.

When it comes to the study of government and politics, I wouldn’t be afraid to say I may have studied more years than you have. The so-called little people have spoken with their vote on Nov. 8.

Robert Colston, Keyesport