Letters to the Editor

Democrats are full of double standards

I’m beyond angry and appalled at the treatment of Judge Ron Duebbert by the entrenched Democrat judges in our county and the veiled salaciousness by this paper. First, none of them attended his swearing-in, and now the new Chief Judge is on his pedestal calling into question Judge Deubbert’s actions prior to his election.

It’s funny how the Democrats are all for equality, regardless of sexual orientation and gender, but they are quick to bring up a private issue to the public if it involves a conservative. This is the typical double standard by the Democrats. If you are Republican, you are not permitted to be an African-American or gay conservative. The other judges were silent when three of their party members purposely circumvented the intent of the Illinois Constitution and when one judge was a drug addict and was present when another judge died of an overdose. The corruption and underhanded actions including the seven Democrats arrested for corruption in this county know no bounds. I hope Congressman John Shimkus recommends to President-elect Trump and Attorney General select Sessions to appoint a tough as nails U.S. Attorney to our district to wipe out corruption and back room dealings and make this county something we can be proud of. It’s time to clean house.

Phil Henning, Smithton