Letters to the Editor

Trump’s cabinet speaks to lack of character

The cabinet of misogynists, haters, and token minorities for the gestating Trump administration speaks to the man’s lack of character, proclivities, and priorities. Let’s not confuse this with saying he is not talented. After all, he did mobilize a constituency of the most marginalized, base, vulgar, crass, and ignorant, America has to offer.

A sampling of the Trump brigade looks like people you’d find in the woods from the movie “Deliverance,” but with better dental plans. The largest orgy of baseball cap wearin’, pickup truck drivin’, gun totin’, God fearin’, tobacco spittin’, beer drinkin’, white-bred, xenophobic, misogynistic troglodytes ever to wave a flag. Anyone listening to Trump’s rhetoric will see how he artfully pandered to this rabble who cheered, slapped their women on the rump, pounded their pitchforks, and yelled “Yeee hawww!”

With his sidekick, Gov. Pence, an evangelical zealot, America is a “click-bang” away from a theocracy. On a larger scale, the Republicans, the family value, Christian, moral majority, anti-abortion party, continues to thump the Bible, cling to the Second Amendment, and hawk military intervention, yet involve itself in a woman’s uterus under the pretense “life is sacred,” when the whole party ideology is tacitly, if not overtly, predisposed to violence and threat of death.

Welcome, the petty, self-righteous, self-anointed keepers of freedom and equality, provided you’re a white, heterosexual, Christian. The Bill of Rights and Constitution mean what “they” say it means. America, liberty and justice for all … of “them.”

Randall Winborne, St. Louis