Letters to the Editor

Illinois legislators face a choice

Thank you for the article about the budget battle wrecking young lives. I believe that every human has the right to quality of life. There are people who complain that those on food stamps are “freeloaders” but don’t blink an eye about Corporate Welfare when corporations are given subsidies like tax cuts. Big corporations and the 1 percent have run our state into financial ruin. An economy in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer cannot be sustained. Illinois can be a state that fosters a life of dignity and joy for its residents. The wealthy elite and big corporations need to pay their fair share for the common good.

Illinois stopgap expires Dec. 31, 2016. Illinois legislators are faced with a choice: raising massive amounts of revenue to dig ourselves out of this hole and start investing in a bold, beautiful vision for the State of Illinois OR make cuts to critical systems that Illinois families rely on, all in the name of continuing to allow the wealthy and big corporations off the hook.

A People and Planet First budget will allow our state to fully fund education, repair our infrastructure, fully fund human services and provide universal healthcare.

Mary Zangs, Jane Addams Senior Caucus