Letters to the Editor

Guns should be banned in U.S. homes by law

Approximately 30,000 Americans commit suicide every year. That is a little bit more than the population in the year 2013 of the town where I grew up in, which is O’Fallon. Gun control needs to be a bigger problem in the United States, and too many people take this topic for granted. It’s time that the gun laws in the state of Illinois and the country get a little stricter. Almost 300 people are killed every day by guns, from anywhere between murders and suicides.

I believe that the best way to fix the problem of guns being in homes and easily accessible for children is to make a new law. Making a new law would ban guns in the homes of U.S. citizens. I firmly believe that there is no reason for guns to be in homes in the first place.

I understand that people use it for “family safety,” but if no one in the U.S. had guns in their homes or on their person, one wouldn’t need them in the first place. Another argument people would make would be for recreational activities. If you go shooting or hunting, you could keep it in a safe at a business, but there is no reason for it to be in homes. I almost guarantee that the death rates relating to murders and suicides would go down significantly.

Megan Krneta, O’Fallon