Letters to the Editor

Seeing what sticks

You’ve got to applaud the comic relief that the Democrooks are delivering during the stressful holiday season. The propaganda machine of the Liberal (Socialist) Party seems to have resorted to throwing crap against the wall in an attempt to see what sticks. Their plan is to use an old reliable Clinton Machine ploy: “It’s a conspiracy!”

Let’s review some recent goodies. We lost because of: the deplorable, white uneducated voters, bible thumpers who hold onto their guns, Comey, Putin, fake news (which they excel in), Electoral College (been around 240 years). I assume that Santa Claus likely flipped sides and will be delivering gifts only to those who voted for Mr. Trump. The Dems in the Senate and a couple of never Trump Republicans are calling for an investigation; Obama wants it completed by Christmas Eve!

Sticking with their game plan to blame any and everyone but themselves, they trot out the old gray mares of the party in an attempt to shore up their east and west coast base and women voters. Feinstein, Warren, Pelosi, and Hillary are no longer viable options for leadership in their party. The old gray mares ain’t what they used to be. The best thing that happened for the Dem’s were Obama and Reid leaving office. Unless you believe that Obama’s approval numbers are as high as the polls show. Of course those are the same polls from the liberal media that showed that Hillbillary would win in a landslide!

Randy Leffler, Aviston