Letters to the Editor

Thank you for the support

The Caseyville Fire Auxiliary recently held its 52nd Annual Mouse House, which was started by the Junior Women’s Club and previously run by Friends of the Caseyville Firemen. During these changes, one thing remained the same: shopping is for children only. No adults are allowed in the shopping area.

There’s an area where adults can shop while their children are shopping. It seems that every year at least one adult thinks they should be allowed to go in with their child to pick out gifts for their child’s relatives. Volunteers help the children shop if they aren’t old enough to shop by themselves. Volunteers are friends of auxiliary members and high school Honor Society members.

Once children have picked out their gifts, they take them to tables set up with volunteers who bag and label them. They walk out to their parents with big smiles on their faces. I’ve had people tell me the children are so excited on Christmas when the presents they bought are opened. All gifts are $1 each and are wrapped and labeled. We love having the children shopping, but if a parent thinks they have to shop with the child, go to a $1 store. But the child will miss out on the fun of choosing the gift they want for the individual.

We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported us this year and in the past. We couldn’t do it without our volunteers and the adults who bring the children to shop.

Phyllis Scott, Caseyville Fire Auxiliary Treasurer