Letters to the Editor

We can make this world a better place

My name is Steven Sharp, and I am a senior at O’Fallon Township High School. My Expository Writing class is doing a research paper about the different problems our world faces and my topic was pollution. I would like to share with you my different ideas and concepts.

I believe that if everyone contributes, that we can make pollution the least of our problems here in the United States. Pollution is a very critical topic because it leads to so many other illnesses like chronic and acute asthma. In these cases air and dirt particles become lodged in one’s lungs. Imagine using all the energy in your body just to breathe wheezing through every breath. It’s quite terrifying.

As a solution to this problem, I suggest that tighter restrictions be placed on big industries that are known to produce a great quantity of pollution. These include large oil companies, automotive manufacturers, and other material producing businesses. More health inspectors and organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency need to step in and make sure these companies are doing what they are supposed to. Although they are doing a good job producing for our economy, it comes with a price. They know what they are doing. With every new toy and automotive part could be another case of severe asthma. Is anything we produce really worth a human life? By working together I honestly believe we can make this world an even better place to live.

Steven Sharp, Belleville