Letters to the Editor

She should be charged with treason

In reply to Lee Pitzer’s letter, published Dec. 18:

First, let me congratulate you, Mr. Pitzer, on your 26 years of service.

Who is always raising taxes? Is it not the Democrats? And not just federal taxes, but the taxes and fees on everything. I think there should be a flat tax on everyone, no exceptions for people or companies.

Democrats opened the lock box on Social Security, and neither they nor the Republicans have tried to put it back. Not too many years in the future there will be only two people paying in for one person drawing it. That’s not going to work.

My grandmother died when I was 11; she spent a lot time in the hospital her last few years. One could pay on time then, and my grandfather worked and paid the bills. He was a union carpenter. A carpenter today could not do that with prices the way they are. That was before Medicare and Medicaid.

Hillary Clinton equals cattle futures equals white water equals Clinton Foundation equals give taxpayer money to foreign countries for donations to the foundation equals 1,000 lies. There weren’t four people murdered at Benghazi? They asked at least 600 times for help or to evacuate. Messages to Clinton and staff went unanswered. There were three more people on the ground (maybe contractors) who asked for permission several times to help. They kept getting orders to stand down. She should be charged with treason for that.

Robert Colston, Keyesport