Letters to the Editor

What exactly was hacked?

Recently, President Barack Obama said he would respond forcefully to the supposed Russian interference in our elections. At this late date in his presidency, he would be a total fool to pick a fight only to hand it off Jan. 20 to President Donald Trump. Hopefully Obama will just get out of the White House without doing any more damage.

To the celebrities and their ad to flip Trump electors: I don’t think many pledged electors were going to take the word of noted Constitutional scholar “Hot Lips” Houlihan or Martin Sheen because he played the president on TV. Let me offer a few thoughts that will make those celebrities cringe. Not so long ago Hollywood actually included many conservatives, some who instead of just talking actually joined the fray. These entertainers were far more talented and successful than the ones in the ad: Clint Eastwood (a former mayor), former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former National Rifle Association President Charlton Heston, and of course, former President Ronald Reagan. That’s a group those in the ad can only dream of joining.

Hacking. What exactly was hacked? Was it Clinton’s private server? Was it the secure State Department server? If those emails from John Podesta’s gmail account came from Clinton’s private server, could their hacking have been avoided had she used the State Department’s system? Does anybody claim that the information in those emails was fabricated? The bottom line is the system worked and Clinton lost. Get over it.

Gary Duff, Swansea