Letters to the Editor

Looking at the situation with ambivalence

Thirty years ago my picture was on the front page of the BND, showing me give a Styrofoam white elephant to executives of the Illinois Power Company.

The Illinois Citizens Utility Board (CUB) was opposing the new nuclear plant at Clinton, and as the local director of CUB, it was my duty at a hearing on the matter to voice CUB’s opposition.

Today, the white elephant designation has been vindicated as the present owners of the Clinton plant Excelon have threatened to shut down the unprofitable plant unless the state of Illinois gives them big bucks.

Today, CUB is supporting the financial bailout as well as the National Resource Defense Council, an environmental watchdog group. Why?

Well, it’s a mixed bag. There are all sorts of considerations.

Madigan and the Democratic legislature were wiling to give the money to save votes and jobs. Rauner wants to help out one of the largest corporations in the state.

One brave legislator asked why the legislature is ignoring our other financial problems and bailing out one of Illinois’ wealthiest corporations.

I look on the matter with ambivalence, which has been defined as the feeling a man gets when he sees his mother-in-law drive his Cadillac off a cliff.

Ray Hollmann, Fairview Heights