Letters to the Editor

The hard part begins Jan. 21

On Dec. 17, I had the dubious distinction of having two of your regular contributors criticize some of my previous comments concerning the election and the nation’s status. Leon Anderson wanted examples of “elites” and “the little people,” even after I had defined the classes in previously published correspondence. He then bemoans the 5 percent unemployment rate as not being “real,” but just a few days previously the independent Federal Reserve raised interest rates because the economy is “approaching full employment.”

Mars Eghigian also has a problem accepting the unemployment rate. He feebly attempted to discredit my claim of the Republican Party being the party of the wealthy by listing a few wealthy Democrats, as if some exceptions were to prove the hypothesis wrong.

Donald Trump is now basking in the pre-presidential honeymoon where he gets to play the very ego-satisfying part of being the benevolent dispenser of largess to the humble supplicants of his favors. The job seekers prostrate themselves before his majesty and plead for his blessing and anointment. He even has the revenge of playing with a campaign critic, Mitt Romney, who had the nerve to label him correctly as a fraud, dishonest, untrustworthy and a con man.

On Jan. 21, the easy part will be finished, the inauguration and balls ended, and then the really hard part begins. This is the “governoring” part that Trump is by temperament, by intellect, and by experience completely unprepared to perform.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon