Letters to the Editor

This country isn’t prepared for industrial jobs

As I read the daily submissions of those chronically motivated to share their opinions repeatedly over the same thought of “I hate Obama,” I have to wonder if they get their information for the basis of their opinions only from the BND and possibly FOX TV.

What else can explain how the letters become so repetitious? Why are these learned commentators forced to use self-invented slang to describe their positions? Where is the point-counterpoint of their arguments, or a quotation from the source of their information? On the other hand, our new president gained office by using language that he said was “locker room” talk or who displayed rude interruptions while others stated facts. Has bar talk by the well educated become our new standard? Please note that he was supported by the theoretically religious right who didn’t care what he said.

The U.S. selected a president who basically said, “trust me,” a thing my father taught me was a sure sign of a liar. Blast me now, but watch what happens when he tries to bring jobs back to a country that has not prepared enough people for what industrial jobs look like now.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville