Letters to the Editor

Sound off: Why see the Arch from Belleville when I can see it up close in St. Louis?

Our readers sound off on the week’s news:

Why see the Arch from Belleville when I can see it up close in St. Louis?

So, a restaurant is going to be built on the top floor of the mythical Hyatt Hotel to be built near the German restaurant across from the Shrine. This is intended to give everyone an unobstructed view of Centerville, Alorton and East St. Louis. With a pair of binoculars, you’ll even be able to see the Gateway Arch. Why would I go there to see the Arch when I can go to a restaurant in downtown St. Louis and see it up close.

The latest St. Louis sports fiasco

The latest sports fiasco in St. Louis appears to be the consideration for the site of the major league soccer facility. They’re considering a spot near I-64 near 20th Street. What’s wrong with the spot near the riverfront where they considered putting a football stadium. The 20th Street spot has absolutely has no parking. Where as if they put it near the riverfront, there would be plenty of parking. You have to ask yourself, ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’

Getting taxed out of existence

In the last two days that I’ve been reading the paper, I’ve seen District 118 schools wants a 4 percent tax increase and now Belleville wants 4.67 percent increase. That’s over 9 percent and then the county wants an additional 1 percent increase. When is it going to stop? You can’t keep going to the well and taking everything out of it. The government needs to do what the average citizen is doing and that is tightening their belts. I’m getting tired off getting taxed out of existence.

The election is over Glenn McCoy

Somebody needs to tell Glenn McCoy that the election is over so that he can stop Hillary bashing.

Why haven’t food prices decreased as well?

Food prices jumped when the cost of transportation and diesel fuel increased several years ago. Now, the transportation cost have decreased with the decrease in the price in diesel. Have grocery prices decreased? Indeed they have not. They have done nothing but go up. I wonder why.

Are we enabling District 189 theft?

What kind of follow up or auditing does the government do when huge amounts of grant money is given to school District 189? If there is an oversight, we can expect the many crooks in East St. Louis to skim the majority of the money, leaving little if nothing to children’s education. Are we enabling District 189 to continue this theft by not doing auditing?

Rauner should use election funds to pay for programs he cuts

If Gov. Rauner has $50 million for an initial down payment for his election campaign, he should use that money to repay all of the programs he cut like transportation, education and others. If he would use some of his own money to fund these programs that the state desperately needs, then maybe I would consider voting for him.

Granite City is a racist community

In regards to the porch city in Granite City, I can bet you there were racial slurs thrown at the shooter in this incident. Granite City is one of the most racist communities in this whole area.

Follow the law of the sea

Regarding the roundabouts, I was told that in Europe they follow the law of the sea. The vessel on the right has the right of way. It would be much easier to observe this rule instead of having all those yield signs. Let’s just agree that the vehicle on the right has the right of way. That would automatically keep everything moving and everyone would know where they are supposed to be.

Make a point to vote in the next election

I see all these complaints about Belleville and the mayor, but I remember that in the last mayoral election only 13 percent of the residents voted. You people don’t have any right to complain about anything. If the 87 percent of you who sat at home and didn’t really wanted to see a difference in the city, you will make it a point to vote in the next election.

Ms. Madigan, you’re responsible

Ms. Madigan, you are responsible for protecting public interest for the state of Illinois (public education). You’re responsible for safeguarding children and for providing an open and honest government. How are new members allowed to be added to an unfunded teacher’s pension system? If it is not funded, then no teachers should be allowed to be added. How is it that are children are being taught by individuals who are paid more when they retire than when they are teaching our children? You will get a much better pool of candidates to teach our children if they are receiving their financial incentive while they were teaching. The teachers’ pension system administrators are perpetrating pure and simple fraud by allowing new members to be added to an unfunded system (ponzi scheme). We are ending up with some poorly educated children because instead of an education system, they’ve created an employment and investment systems.

What’s with the chain link fences

Are all business and banks along Carlyle Ave. allowed to erect chain linked fences and cover them with advertisements and billboards? Or is this beautification only allowed for the public taxpayer funded Belleville Township High School? Or was this an agreement between the high school and the city of Belleville when they gave away the $50 million school that Lindenwood received?

Disappointed in Obama

I’m really disappointed in Barack Obama for saying that he could have beat Donald Trump in the election. I think it’s neither here nor there and was rather foolish. It’s a moot point and it’s all over. Let’s move on. Of all the cheap things to say, I can’t believed the president would say that. Whatever respect I had for him is gone now.

Does Dean still have access to township credit card?

Why would newly appointed East St. Louis Township Supervisor Dancy decline to say whether or not June Hamilton Dean continues to have access to the township credit card that her brother misused to the tune of almost a half a million dollars, or why he wouldn’t say if Hamilton Dean is still being paid as a consultant? If Dancy is trying to make sure that the people of East St. Louis and surrounding areas believe in him, he needs to be more forthcoming. As far as I’m concerned, based on what he said he’s as crooked as the ones who have already gotten caught.

Letters to the editor are not a tool for those who crave attention

The letter to the editor section of the newspaper was designed to be used by people to inform the readers of local happenings and situations both good and bad. It was not to be a tool for those who crave attention. One writer in particular, seems to write some form of drivel three or four times a week. They need to get a life.

There are numerous places in Belleville to enjoy the season

‘Tis the holiday season, may the Belleville bashers take a holiday, or better yet a highway to a new city as a new transplant. May we wholeheartedly endorse the enhancements to a great city. Enjoy the authentic atmosphere from the Square to the shrine. There are numerous joyful places to enjoy the season. May your New Year’s resolution address your obsessive, negative outlook if you are unable to partake in the pleasures Belleville provides.