Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on Donald Trump, Mark Kern and the News-Democrat

Belleville News-Democrat readers share their opinions:

Draining the Swamp

You wanted to drain the swamp? Good for you. On the national level, you have elected an incompetent president who is in bed with Putin. On the local level, you’ve elected a questionable circuit judge who’s in bed with a felon. There’s a reason why intelligent people vote for experienced, well-vetted candidates. That way you don’t end up with problems like these two gentlemen.

Let the People Decide

Why isn’t Fairview Heights bringing the idea of a multi-million dollar recreation center before the public for a vote?

Metro-east Isn’t Safe

When will the groups like bands, wrestlers, and cheerleaders learn that if you do stuff in the metro-east that you might lose a car, trailer, equipment or your vehicle will be stolen? There are predators who watch for people like this. It is dangerous in Illinois and even more so in St. Louis. Leave the area if you want to enjoy yourself. There’s nothing that’s being done to fight this type of crime.

Platform for Hate

I just want the News-Democrat to know that I canceled my subscription because of one man that you gave a platform to on your letters to the editor page. His name is Bill Malec. It’s so hateful on your editorial page. I’m so disappointed.

Good Enough for Everyone

All I hear on the news are Democratic politicians in Washington saying that they won’t work with the Republicans to overturn or replace Obama Care because it’s so wonderful. My question to them is if Obama Care is so wonderful, why aren’t they covered by it? Because they’re not covered by it, neither their dependents nor their employees. They have their own separate health care system. Maybe the Republicans and the Democrats should work together to replace Obama Care with the health care system that covers the politicians. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for everyone.

Prodigious Writers Take Note

Bill Malec and all of the other prodigious contributors to the editor’s page should find something more productive to do with their time. In Belleville, only 13 percent of the voters voted. This means that basically 87 percent did not vote. Isn’t that amazing? So, how many people do you think are actually reading the information that you send in or will change their dysfunctional behavior because of your letters? It’s going to be smaller than 13 percent. I think that failure to vote is around the whole county and it’s a sign of desperation in the fact that they know how the election is going to turn out most of the time. So, people are just going to stand by and hope for the best, no matter what you write.

Connections Required

The appointment of Democrat Kristen Poshard for a community development job up in Madison County is a joke. Madison County Board member Mike Parkinson says he doesn’t understand how she was hired for to be the head of the department without the authorization of the county board but the real interesting thing is he wants to know if that job was advertised. As if St. Clair County and Madison County Democrats ever advertise for the public to come up and apply for a job at either one of those courthouses. Everybody knows that if you’re not connected, you’re never going to see the inside of that courthouse, let alone get a job. Where did this guy get off the boat? What’s he talking about? He wants to know why that job wasn’t advertised? None of them have ever been advertised, Mike.

Staying Classy in Swansea

When is Swansea going to enforce the residential neighborhoods? I’m tired of paint, plumbing, and other trucks parked in front of our nice brick homes in our residential neighborhoods. They have no right to be there. Find them and get rid of them.

How Do I Get Help?

I’m calling about the article about Kristen Poshard. I’m not here to judge her because I have a similar background. The trouble ended with me in 2008 also. I’m a no name, my last name means nothing and this criminal record, so to speak, that ended in 2008, cost me two chances at low income housing. They would not rent to me because of that, even though I’m going on nine years of no police contact. How does someone like me, whose last name means nothing, get the help to better my life and stop paying half of my disability check in rent?

‘Good Natured’ Reply

This is a good natured reply to Bill Malec’s comment about charging fees for parking out at Mid-America airport. Mr. Malec, nothing personal here, but be careful what you wish for. The fees would probably be collected by three people a day, maybe some on weekends, earning time and a half, and paid by St. Clair County. Are you sure that the people’s salaries wouldn’t be more than what the fees collected would be? While your idea has merit, it’s not feasible as long as this county government is running operations there.

Why no recognition?

ESPN sports announced that Adoree Jackson from USC is from Belleville but the Belleville News-Democrat hasn’t mentioned him. He’s one of the best football players to come out of this area in the last ten years. I think it’s pretty ridiculous.

Dandy Inn Died

I’m not surprised to see that the Dandy Inn is closing. It’s just gone down so much over the last few years. I’m a long time customer, I’ve lived here all my life, and I’ve been going there for 50 years. Great food, I really hate to see it go. But, when that guy retired and turned that over to his kids, it died.

One Word

Oh my, after reading Ethan Sherman’s letter on autism due to television signals, I only have one word: schizophrenia.

Chickens Aren’t Scary

In Mike Koziatek’s article about chickens, I thought that he used scare tactics. We had chickens when we were kids and no one got sick. Washing hands is common sense for most things having to do with animals. Chicks are dirty whether they’re dead or alive. I’d like to applaud Swansea for approving a forward looking law which allows people to experience their food first hand and where it comes from.

Headline for 2017

I’m not surprised that people are all upset about Mark Kern raising their taxes. Where were these people in 2016 during the campaign when Roger told more people that he was going to do the same thing that Kern did in Belleville when he became mayor in 1997? So, you have yourself to blame for not heeding his words and you also have yourself to blame that your tax dollars didn’t support the East St. Louis election board. They didn’t do what they’re supposed to do. Until the U.S. Attorney looks into how that election was run down there, you’re not going to have any answers that you really want. I think that the headline for 2017 that most people would like to see is “Kern Indicted.”

Card from Kern

I received a very nice Christmas card from Mark Kern and his family. I just wondered how that card and its postage was paid for. Did Mr. Kern pay for it out of his own pocket? Did he use unused election funds? Or, did he perhaps use taxpayer money? Just asking.

Unavailable for Comment

I have tried to reach the Belleville Police Department chief detectives but I all receive is a voicemail and it says that it is full. Then, I call back and want to talk to the front desk supervisor and it rang at least 10 to 12 times and no one even answered the phone. So, what are they doing? Having coffee and doughnuts?