Letters to the Editor

Maybe he was just ad-libbing a bit?

Spurred by Lee Pitzer’s recent letter concerning voters in Luzerne County, Pa., I sought out the Newsweek article he referenced. Having now read the article I’d suggest that there’s a lot more there than Pitzer provides. You’d need to read it to get the full flavor.

Pitzer identified the author as Tenya (actually Tanya) Bindra who actually was the photographer. Josh Saul wrote the article.

Pitzer attributed the description of the average county voter as “low information voters” to the reporter. In fact, it came from a local university political science professor. He characterized them as “voters who don’t have a sophisticated knowledge of how government works, don’t follow political news and base their votes on emotional responses to issues.”

Having been born and raised in Pennsylvania, I easily related to many of the people the reporter interviewed for his piece. Some interviewed resented being described as “hardscrabble,” as some media outlets had previously done. They were better described as “Everybody here punches a time card.”

Luzerne County voters want change. They have suspicions of, even hatred for, the establishment and were against globalization. They want lower insurance premiums, an end to illegal immigration, and better jobs. They talked about North American Free Trade Agreement, ISIS, and Obamacare.

They appeared to have as much political savvy as folks that walk the streets of Belleville or O’Fallon.

I didn’t see anything in the article about the price of a Chinese hammer going up from $5 to $10. Maybe Pitzer was just ad-libbing a bit?

Bill Malec, O’Fallon