Letters to the Editor

Many unanswered questions about the election

There are so many questions I have from the election, and here they are. Why did Hillary Clinton agree to debate Donald Trump in a presidential election if he was not the viable, legitimate candidate that they now claim he is not? Why does Clinton blame the Russians for hacking her email messages when she did not think them worthy to protect herself? Why do actors make commercial spots letting us know that Middle America’s votes should not be regarded at all because we are too stupid to choose correctly ... in their favor? Why are the electors’ lives being threatened if they do not change their votes? Since the founders of our nation thought it fair to allow all states equal representation of electoral votes according to size, why do California and New York think they should run the country because of their great populations and better understanding for the whole of us? Is it fair to take the popular vote of two or three states and disregard the rest of us? The Clintons left the White House in “deplorable” condition with their staff vandalizing the computers, etc., before George W. Bush came into office, and now losing this election why are they vandalizing the election results? Why do they hate over half of the country? Who are these people?

Rebecca O’Connor, DuQuoin