Letters to the Editor

Obama one of the finest men to ever grace the White House

Letter writer Edward Nowak claimed he laughed at writer Kevin Gagen’s statement that President Barack Obama was one of the noblest people to ever be president. I say that history will indeed record Obama as one of the finest men to ever grace the White House. Nowak even had the audacity to switch the truth and accuse Obama of utilizing mean, unprofessional tactics, such as ridicule and insults, which the dingbats called “representatives” were guilty of.

Nowak also found comedy in Obama’s statement that history will judge Fidel Castro when, according to Nowak, we already have a half-century of evidence that Castro was a cruel, murderous dictator. To that, I say Nowak shouldn’t include me in that “we,” because although I dislike communism, and the dictatorship form of government, and although I empathize with the Cuban-American landowners whose vast plantations were taken and divided among the poor, I consider Castro a great leader because he cared for his people. Under Fulgencio Batista’s rule, the majority of Cubans were illiterate, but Castro changed that. The old and young were given free education and health care.

Poor Raul Castro, Cuba’s present leader, should with for a wall, because with fair-minded Obama’s being gone, Raul’s days are numbered. Another revolution will be underway. The rich will return with hotels, prostitution, etc. The majority of African-Cubans will be assigned to menial jobs, and most African-Cuban youths will be rendered jobless and recruited to sell drugs. Mark my words.

Frankie Seaberry, Centreville