Letters to the Editor

Allow religious freedom and provide security

A mob of over 1,000 extremists marched on the place of worship of the persecuted Ahmadiyya community in Chakwal, Pakistan, while the worshipers were still inside. There was extensive fire damage and one person reported dead.

This isn’t the first time this community has been targeted by extremists. This year alone over a dozen members have been brutally murdered in the streets of Pakistan.

The Ahmadiyya Muslims are a reformist movement in Islam that strive for peace and dialog. The worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Mirza Masoor Ahmad said in 2013 that “Rather than looking at each through a lens of hatred, we should all look at one another through a lens of love and peace … I pray that instead of spreading malice and hatred, all parties join together and make a collective effort to end all forms of evil.”

I pray that the government of Pakistan will remove discriminatory laws from their books and allow religious freedom and provide security for all those who wish to worship freely.

Saif Ahmad, Plainfield