Letters to the Editor

Better service in East St. Louis

Recently I had several issues pertaining to the Social Security benefit I receive. Since I live in Belleville, I went to the Belleville field office in Lake Christine Center.

Upon checking in, my purse was searched, to which I consented. After waiting for my number to be called, a blonde lady, smacking her chewing gum, called my number. I asked my question, was given a form. I sat back down, filled out the form and asked another questions and was curtly told I would be sent a letter. I made several other visits to that office. Same lady, same response.

After several weeks and several letters, I decided to take the letters and go to the East St. Louis Social Security office on Missouri Avenue.

What a difference! The agents there are very helpful, courteous, and even found in the information a mistake made by the Belleville office! I was treated very respectfully, my questions were answered, and I left there knowing that the issues were going to be fixed.

From this day forward I will deal with that office and the best part is that the agents do their jobs and do no smack their gum!

Donna Kepner, Belleville