Letters to the Editor

PETA will always remember Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa Gabor was the epitome of glamor. But after wearing fur for decades, she told People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals she had stopped wearing it after learning about the cruelty of the industry. She knew there was nothing “glamorous” about confining animals to cramped, filthy cages and then electrocuting or gassing them, or snapping their necks.

Gabor was a longtime foe of cruelty to animals. When Las Vegas entertainer Bobby Berosini was caught on tape by a dancer beating the orangutans in his act in the 1980s, Gabor joined other outraged celebrities in calling on the Stardust Resort and Casino, where Berosini performed, to cancel his show. After years of lawsuits, Berosini was ultimately forced out of business.

As an entertainer herself, Gabor knew the rigors of show business, and she knew that it was even worse for animals, who are often caged, chained, and beaten in order to force them to perform tricks. She was especially touched by the plight of elephants in circuses, saying, “My heart goes out to them, as I can never support animal misery.”

Some have described Gabor as “famous for being famous,” but we at PETA will always remember her as being famous for her compassion for animals.

Alisa Mullins, PETA Foundation