Letters to the Editor

The reason why many have not found jobs

Recent contributors consider the current unemployment rate of 4.6 percent to be fallacious. They believe the rate to be 11 percent or higher. The reasoning they employ to dismiss the Bureau of Labor’s published rate is that millions of prospective workers have been unable to find jobs and have given up the search.

The reason many have not found jobs is that they are looking for, and expecting, jobs they are not qualified for. They are often graduates, from the bottoms of their classes, of substandard high schools, with deficient abilities in math, English, and science. However, these poorly prepared individuals do not accept their deficiencies and are looking for jobs for which they are not qualified. They will not consider available jobs they could do for less remuneration.

These individuals often have poor work performance records, which include frequent absenteeism, attitude issues, disciplinary deficiencies, etc. Their records indicate they have employed the tactic of frequent “late to work” and absenteeism with the purpose of being terminated, making them eligible for unemployment compensation.

A great many of those who have given up looking for work fit some or all of the shortcomings mentioned above. Many of these individuals voted for Donald Trump, as he will bring back the great manufacturing jobs that even the substandard prospective employee will be able to obtain. The truth is, if one is a qualified and reasonably reliable individual, then there are jobs available. If one is not, then accepting a less desirable position should be considered.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon