Letters to the Editor

We must get ready for a never-ending nightmare

O’Fallon letter writer Thomas Brown said my eight-year nightmare is almost over. I say from the likes of Emperor Donald Trump’s selection of cabinet members, everybody, including we innocents, must get ready for a never-ending nightmare.

Get ready for efforts to privatize everything from health care to education. Get ready for your children and their children to fight a long-lasting war. Don’t the ammunition companies need money? Get ready for the next recession. Meanwhile, pray the emperor doesn’t get mad and hit that nuke button.

When you Trumpites elected Trump, were you in “Mentally Deficient” mode, or did you visualize yourselves as part of the 1 percent who’d receive benefits allotted for the wealthy?

Trump selected cabinet members who oppose all which most Americans hold dear. Examples: a cabinet member who’d weaken public education in favor of charter schools; a member who prefers robots to paid personnel; a member who considers scientific evidence as hoaxes

Trump does deserve credit for not readily agreeing that Russia hacked Hillary Clinton’s and the Democratic National Committee’s emails. Who’s to say that a Democrat insider didn’t aid the culprit that bitterly fought Barack Obama and the Iran agreement that Clinton would have honored, the culprit that opposes Russia for supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad?

Regarding the pipeline, it seems that Bill Malec places more importance on saving money than on protecting the lives and rights of Native Americans. Why else would he criticize our loving and compassionate President Obama for coming to their rescue?

Frankie Seaberry, Centreville