Letters to the Editor

Dramatic increase in autism due to television

I believe that the dramatic rise in autism is due to television. To demonstrate this, the reader might want to try the following experiment: Stand, take a deep breath, and relax. Place your elbows near the sides, extend your arms, and let your fingers hand limply. Notice that you are virtually still. Next, turn on the television and repeat the experiment. After several seconds most people will feel a significant force pushing them one way or another. I believe that constant exposure to this force harms the fetus.

At one time there was plain analog television, which did not create a force. However, about 24 years ago we developed stereo analog television that did not exert the force I described. That was also around the time that autism increased. Now we have a force exerted on the body coming from mandatory digital sound, and autism rates have skyrocketed.

I realized this a number of years ago. When the federal government mandated digital television I sued the Federal Communications Commission under the Environment Act of 1969, which said in effect that when the federal government mandates something it must test to make sure no harm will be done. I wanted digital sound tested on animals. The chief justice sent me a letter saying that my lawsuit was dismissed because it was frivolous – so much for my day in court.

I believe that if we return to plain analog television, autism rates would significantly fall.

Ethan Sherman, Poughkeepsie, NY