Letters to the Editor

What was the purpose of the article?

Obama vacations cost $85 million in eight years. That was the lead for a story about outgoing President Barack Obama who, along with his family, is on Christmas vacation in Hawaii. The story goes on to outline the use of equipment and personnel to cover the POTUS on various vacation trips over his presidency. So what?! Has anyone calculated what it costs to provide security to the POTUS every day of his term whether he is on “vacation” or at “work”? And regardless of what the president, any president (at least in the past) is doing, is he really ever off the clock?

One website called “Outside the Beltway,” estimated that during George W. Bush’s last year in the White House, it cost $1.6 billion to provide housing and security for the president in a single year. So $85 million over eight years would amount to well under 1 percent of the total spent in eight years in the White House in then year dollars, not allowing for any budgetary inflation since 2008. Further in the article, it is noted that outgoing President Obama had actually taken less vacation time than his Republican predecessor.

So just what was the purpose of this article other than to raise the hackles of those who find fault with every breath that Barack Hussein Obama takes? And just as a point of reference, $85 million dollars will not purchase a single new Lockheed-Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Richard Humphrey, Shiloh